After catching glimpses of one other through the windows, these two cats eventually fell in love… See more lovely pics below…

In Los Angeles, where she was raised, Simon is a cute and lovable tabby cat that lives with her mother. Despite the fact that he spent a lot of time at a cat café called Crumbs & Whiskers, where he had plenty of opportunities to interact with other cats, he never showed any interest in establishing new feline companions.

The mother of Simon, Mackenzie Coffman, told The Dodo that while her son is used to being around other animals, he has “never really played with the other cats in the café.”

Coffman once saw his neighbor Simon gazing through the window of an adjacent building at a cat that seemed uninterested.

Coffman said, “I was sleeping when I woke awake to the sound of Simon whimpering at the window.” When I glanced up, I was taken aback to see a cat sitting in the window of my next-door neighbor. Two years have passed since I moved into this flat, and I have never once seen their cat.

Simon spent the whole day peering out the window in the general direction of the cat that lived next door, but the girl never seemed to notice him doing so.

According to what Coffman claimed, the other cat “never really glanced at Simon” and “never paid attention to him.” Therefore, in an effort to grab his attention, Simon would repeatedly jump up and down on the ledge.

Coffman had never seen Simon act in such a manner before, and she was concerned that her cat had developed romantic feelings for the cat that lived next door. Because of this, she made the executive decision to take things into her own hands, penned a message, and affixed it to the window of her apartment. On the note, it stated, “What is the name of your cat? Love, Simon.”

Not too much longer after that, Coffman’s neighbor sent him a heartfelt reply with the following message: “Hi Simon, I’m Theo.” You are the closest buddy I have.

Coffman found this message to be very meaningful, and as a result, she decided to take some photos of Simon and share them on her Twitter profile. The tweet went viral very fast, and everyone enjoyed seeing Simon and Theo engage with one another.

Coffman connected with Theo’s mother on Twitter after adding her as a follower of his account. They came to the conclusion that it would be fun for the cats to get together, and Simon is more ecstatic than words can express. Simon will, at last, get to see his sweetheart, after having spent the last several weeks gazing longingly through the windowpane.

Simon was dropped off at Theo’s flat by Coffman.

“We believe that everything went as well as it possibly could have with cats! There were just a few hisses, no fights, and a great deal of butt-sniffing. Thank you so much to everyone for continuing to read!” Coffman was the author.

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