Old Man Leaves All His Property to Young Wife, Bequeathing Only an Old Barn to Granddaughter – Story of the Day

When Sharon’s grandfather died, he left his girlfriend everything, and Sharon only received the old barn. But something seemed off about it, and she discovered something shocking about this inheritance.

“I know you never liked her, Sharon. But you have to deal with Anna while you arrange things. The old barn and the land around it are yours now,” Sharon’s mother said when they finally learned what her grandfather Patrick’s will said. They were at her mother’s house after the lawyer read it, and Sharon would settle everything.

Despite their hopes, his grandfather left his main house to Anna, his young girlfriend whom he started seeing after Sharon left for college. The woman was a gold-digger, but she made him happy.

“Did you find anything special?” Anna asked, looking curious, but Sharon knew she was fishing for details.

At some point, Patrick divided his house into two different pieces of land, giving the main house to Anna and the old barn near the creek to Sharon. Her grandfather had a horse when she was young, but he died years ago, and the barn became storage.

Sharon felt a bit disappointed because he always expected Grandpa Patrick to give her her late grandmother’s jewelry. Her grandma died before Sharon was born, but her mother told her about a great jewelry collection in her closet.

Apparently, her grandmother once dated a very wealthy man who couldn’t give her up even after she married Grandpa Patrick. He sent her rings, necklaces, earrings, and more for years.

Grandpa was always mad about that, but he knew that Grandma loved him only. Regardless, he never showed her the collection, and no one knew where it was kept, but Sharon hoped to get them someday.

Unfortunately, it seemed like Anna would be the new owner since Grandpa’s will stipulated that the house and everything inside it belonged to the woman. Meanwhile, Sharon was set to inherit everything inside the barn too. She felt cheated, but then again, those were Grandpa’s things, and he had made his decision.

“I know, mom. I’ll be civil, even if I see Anna enjoying Granddad’s house,” Sharon told her mother. She planned to go through the things in the barn, keep what she wanted, sell what she didn’t, and eventually sell that land.

When Sharon arrived at the barn, she waved to Anna politely but didn’t stop by the main house. She went directly to the barn, opened the doors, and saw boxes, furniture, and more inside. It was going to be a long day.

After hours of sorting and going through things, she was nowhere near done and would need some movers to take some of the furniture. Anna was polite enough to bring her some iced tea. Sharon was tired and hungry. It was time to stop for the day.

But something sparkly suddenly caught her attention. A pretty box had fallen over, and a necklace was peaking out. “Dear God. Could it be?” Sharon breathed to herself and almost tripped over other boxes to get to it.

She was right. It was a box full of jewelry, and the box looked beautiful too. How could her grandfather keep these things in the barn?

Below the box, she found another filled to the brim with all kinds of jewels. It was almost like Sharon won the lottery. Suddenly, Anna’s voice sounded again, but Sharon stood, hiding the boxes from her.

“Are you almost done, Sharon?” she said, peaking into the barn and looking at her.

“Yes, I’m leaving for the day soon,” she replied.

“Oh, you’re not staying for dinner? Did you find anything special?” Anna asked, looking curious, but Sharon knew she was fishing for details. Legally, she couldn’t do anything, but maybe, she wanted to sneak in and grab some things.

“No, just his old things, but I’m going to keep a few at my new apartment downtown. So that’s cool,” Sharon chirped.

“Oh, okay. See you tomorrow then,” Anna finished and left.

Sharon peeked at the house before she started loading the jewelry boxes into her car as quickly as possible. Luckily, it seemed like Anna didn’t see anything so she left for the day. She finished arranging the barn over the next few days and said goodbye to Anna for good.

She got the jewelry appraised, and it was worth a ton of money, more than Grandpa’s entire estate, which means that he left her the barn on purpose. He knew she would find the jewelry.

Thank you, Grandpa, she thought after selling a few of the items to have enough money for a new house near her mother’s home in Montana. Sharon also gave her some of the pieces as gifts.

What can we learn from this story?

Never underestimate the people who love you. Grandpa Patrick left Sharon the most valuable part of the estate, despite what she thought, proving that he loved her more than his girlfriend.

Don’t expect. You should never expect, as Sharon did concerning her grandfather’s inheritance, to avoid being disappointed. Luckily, everything worked out for Sharon in the end, but it might not for others.

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