12 Year-Old Girl Breaks World Record By Landing Surprise Triple Axel

Back in August, 12 year-old figure skater Alysa Liu competed Asian Open Trophy competition in Bangkok, Thailand. During her tango routine, she jumped into the air and did something that left the crowd completely stunned!

Alysa is from Richmond, California, and she has been skating ever since she can remember. Her hard work paid off at the Asian Open Trophy, where she became the youngest woman in history to land a triple Axel during an international competition. This is a huge deal, because a triple Axel is the most difficult move in figure skating!

“It was very emotional for me to watch her making history, to land a clean triple axel in an international competition at age 12,” said her father Arthur.

Alysa spent two months perfecting this move, and it could not have gone better when it came time to show it off! Video of the incredible moment has gone viral, as it has left people all over the world speechless. If she’s this talented now, imagine how good she will be when she grows up!

“Alysa already has a sense of mature body movement on the ice,” one social media user commented. “The way she moves her arms, expresses the music, her head movements and gestures. It’s all there. It’s only going to get better and better.”

This young girl is living proof that hard work pays off at any age! We can’t wait to see what she brings to the ice in the future!

Check out Alysa’s record-breaking move below!

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