The owner slept at the vet facility so that he could be with the dog during his last hours, but the dog came around to greet him…

Recently, a remarkable event occurred that ought to be shared with the world. During the middle of the night, Tanya, the owner of one of our previous wards, phoned to check on us.

Pirate, her half-blind senior dog, was in need of medical attention, and she was unable to locate a clinic that would take patients late at night on short notice…

We were able to locate a clinic and a doctor who was willing to come to inspect the animal…

When Tanya arrived with the dog, it was immediately apparent that it was unable to move its paws.

The dog was shivering because it had a high fever. One of the volunteers came to the clinic with Tanya and Pirate to introduce the little girl to the doctor and comfort her since the animal’s condition was really worrisome.

Doctors started administering first aid to the dog as soon as they arrived, and they also performed an assessment on him. The veterinarians’ conclusions were depressing: the dog has a large neoplasm, which is most likely cancerous.

It was obvious that dealing with the tumor would be difficult given its position and nature. Pirate’s health also deteriorated, making it exceedingly unlikely that he would survive the procedure.

As the dog grew older, his heart became weaker, making it extremely unlikely that he would survive. If nothing was done, the dog would only have a few days to live if nothing was done.

It was a difficult decision – to leave everything to chance, which would almost certainly result in Pirate’s death, or to proceed with the procedure, which had only a remote possibility of success.

After much deliberation and discussion with the doctor, they agreed to proceed with the operation, instantly agreeing that we would be able to pay for the services of the veterinarians later on.

As she walked along the hallway of the clinic, Tanya saw a little sofa for guests and decided that she would not leave a friend alone, even for the length of the procedure. Because she realized she would not have enough time to get home to say goodbye if anything went wrong, she remained at the clinic overnight the next morning.

Calling the clinic first thing in the morning was nerve-wracking; the odds of things going well were so slim that there was practically no possibility of receiving positive news. What was told in the clinic was the finest news of the day – the physicians turned out to be true magicians, and Pirate not only underwent surgery but has also already regained consciousness after being unconscious for many hours.

It is only left to wait for histology and hope that the supply of miracles has not yet been depleted to its maximum capacity.

Tanya, on the other hand, couldn’t believe how fortunate she and Pirate had been. She burst into tears of joy and immediately began making preparations to return home with her pet.

Because the vets did not provide any projections, it was very difficult to make plans.

Pirate is still in the hospital, but it is working hard to come back home as soon as possible.

It was until two days later that the doctor reported that the crisis had been alleviated. Pirate continues to lay down and rest, but the forces are gradually returning to it, and its prospects of returning home are extremely good, particularly when there is a blind dog named Syoma waiting for its companion and guide there.

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