He doubts if the lost senior dog will remember him after 764 days separated…

Bosco the Beagle-mix disappeared from his home in Westerley, Rhode Island, when he was 9 years old. The curious dog had apparently managed to escape his collar and explore the area, but he was unable to find his way back home.

Dad Bill Ballato, who has a back condition, spent months searching for Bosco using missing posters and personal inquiries, but the beautiful dog was nowhere to be found. Bill worried he would never see his dog again after being forced to relocate to Lafayette, Colorado.

Bosco had been gone for more than two years when some Rhode Island neighbors recognized him from the missing posters. Bosco was living on the streets, but he had developed a strong aversion to people.

Locals alerted Sheilah Graham, a Department of Homeland Security employee who frequently volunteers as a “pet detective” to locate missing pets. Bill was contacted by Sheilah for further information on Bosco. Soon after, she caught Bosco using a trap stocked with a variety of his favorite meals!

Bill’s infirmity made it impossible for him to come get Bosco, Sheilah realized. Because a senior dog like Bosco isn’t allowed on aircraft, she gladly agreed to drive 2000 miles in 36 hours to reunite Bill and Bosco! During the self-funded journey, the thoughtful woman drove through two snowstorms while caring for Bosco.

After 764 days, the senior dog finally noticed Bill and froze in surprise. The sad father was afraid that his old friend would no longer recognize him. But when Bill summoned the nerve to yell “Dude,” Bosco understood he was back in the arms of his beloved father!

Bosco was reunited with his old toys as well as his canine sibling! We are grateful to Sheilah, who voluntarily organized this reunion! This is one of the sweetest reunions we’ve ever witnessed!

Watch a video on Bill and Bosco’s reunion in the video here:

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