350 grams.Of fresh Spinach.
4 Eggs.
Sea salt.
Ground Black pepper, to taste.
Canola oil.


Step 1:
I washed the spinach at the beginning, then I cut them, and I put them in a medium mixing bowl. And then, I beat the 4 eggs in the bowl with spinach.
Step 2:
I mixed well until the eggs and spinach combined together, and I added sea salt and black pepper, and I mixed again so all ingredients blended together.

Step 3:
Then, in a preheated pan, add a coat of canola oil. And I added half of the spinach and egg combo in, then I flatten the mixture and fry over low heat.

Step 4:
When the mixture is firm, I needed to roll up one side to get a roll. And in a similar way, I made another roll.

Step 5:
The last move I took was to fried the two rolls for a while over high heat so that the eggs were ready.
I hope you’ll enjoy this recipe!!! For more easy recipes like these egg rolls take a look at the related posts below!! I’m sure that you’ll find something you’re looking for!!

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