Chocolate brownies

* Ingredients
°3 eggs (at room temperature)
°60 g flour (T45)
°80 g caster sugar (white)
°120g soft butter
°100g dark chocolate (54%)
°100g white chocolate
°40 g mixed nuts (pecan, almonds and hazelnuts)
°¼ tsp. salt

Melt half the butter with the dark chocolate cut into pieces in a bain-marie and set aside in a container.

Do the same with the white chocolate and the other half of the butter and also place this preparation in a container.
Divide the first egg-sugar-flour mixture equally into the 2 containers containing the 2 chocolates. Incorporate the mixture of crushed nuts into the 2 preparations, one half with the dark chocolate brownie batter and another part for the batter. white chocolate brownie.
Pour the dark chocolate mixture into the brownie pan first and pour the white chocolate mixture on top.
Using the tip of a knife, swirl the dough to create this marbled pattern.
Bake for about 25-30 minutes.
Let your brownie cool completely in its mold before unmolding and cutting it.
Enjoy !

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