Eclair Cake

*Ingredients :
° 2 pack (3.4 ounces) instant vanilla pudding mix, dry
° 3½ cups whole milk
° 12 oz. cold whip
° 2 (14.4) ounce packaged graham crackers
– frost –
° 3 tablespoons. butter
° 3 tablespoons. milk
° 3 tablespoons. cacao
° 1 cup powdered sugar

*Directions :
Mix the milk with the vanilla pudding bags for about 2 minutes. Fold in a cool whip.
In a 9×13 skillet, place the graham crackers to cover the entire bottom of the pan. The cracker may want to be cut & shap to fit nicely.
Pour half of cold pudding/whisking mix on the top.
Put other layer of graham crackers to covering entire surface. Cutting & shape cracker accordingly.
Placing last layer of graham cracker on top with bumpy side down. This will aid top look softer when you go to putting embellishments on top of it. Again, cutting also shape biscuits accordingly to avoid pits also cracks.
For freez: Microwave butter & milk only enough to melt jointly. You don’t want to boil it. Add cocoa and powdered sugar and mix together. This will be frost/glaze. Pour on graham crackers & smooth well. (**I usually-double frosting recipe)
Putting it in fridge overnight also dig in!

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