Almost 7,000 square feet! Circa 1908 in Missouri. $333,333

This is a big house with almost 7,000 square feet! Third floor was a ballroom back in the day. Still has the original dumb waiters! This home was built in 1908. It is located on .53 acres in Sikeston, Missouri. The home features a covered front porch, small upper porch, original hardwood floors, pretty chandeliers, wainscoting, stained glass, transom windows and two staircases. Seven bedrooms, six bathrooms and 6,902 square feet. $349,999 New price: $333,333

Contact the property owner: 214-578-9600

From the Zillow listing:

Need the right buyer for this one of a kind Victorian in Historic Downtown Sikeston. Sale price is net to seller. Built in 1908 as a wedding gift for the original owner’s new bride (along with adjacent servants quarters (house next door) which is why Zillow is off as to live able square footage with a stated 1,800 square feet versus an actual 6209 live able square feet. A separate back stairway accesses 3 of 4 floors and dumb waiters were used to serve guests throughout the house including on the 3rd floor which at one time was a full ballroom. What is now covered parking for 7 vehicles (3 garage spaces and 4 carport spaces), was once a carriage house and a “work station” for the servants (food, beverage service etc) because only a select few of them were allowed to be seen anywhere in the main house by guests. As much of the house’s original quality and character as was possible has been preserved including more than half a dozen Genuine Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers and nothing we’ve done since 1986 when we bought the home to use as an office building was modified to any great extent. I, and multiple professionals in the industry are of the opinion that it wouldn’t take much to get it back to where it was when the original owner first christened it with his new wife by shattering the neck off a bottle of champagne over the head of one of the two stone lions that still guard the building today. The Ground FLOOR of the house will comfortably hold 15 full time guests & the necessary staff to meet their needs if desired, to make no mention of an equally sized and finished 2nd level and a finished 3rd level that was formerly a ballroom. Any decent DIY person could make it a ball room again, a party room or even a decent sized private sports bar/man cave – believe me when I say there is PLENTY OF ROOM! Tell your friends. A house the same age that sits caddy cornered from this one (on Tanner) with only 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (that’s roughly half the size) just hit the market for the EXACT same price. Spend or invest your money wisely! Thank you for your interest. We’re adding pictures as fast as we can and apologize for any inconvenience.

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