A) Ingredients:

– Flour 1 KG

– Sugar 100 gr

– Salt 1 Coffee Spoon

– Yeast (40 gr fresh or 20 gr dried)

– water 700 ml

– Frying Oil 1 L


1.- in a bowl put warm water + Yeast + a spoon of sugar: turn and then book.

2-in another large bowl mix flour + Sugar + Salt: turn then put in the mixture the water mixed with the yeast next..

3-beat until the mixture is elastic…..

4-Cover with a film paper or a clean fabric and let the dough rest until it double in volume.

5-heat up the oil.

6-soak your hands in water and take the donut dough and cut them in oil. The removed when they are golden.

Here are the #gbofloto are ready to be tasted!!!

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