• 60 gr. Whole Milk / Full Milk
  • 140 gr. Cream Cheese
  • 40 gr. Butter
  • 50 gr. Plain Flour / All Purpose Flour
  • 15 gr. Corn Flour / Corn Starch
  • 5 Eggs (weighs 58-60 gr. each with shell)
  • 100 gr. Fine Sugar
    Take a pan add 60 gr. full milk, 40 gr. butter and 140 gr. cheese cream. heat it up with low fire.

    When all the ingredients are melted and combined turn off the gas before it reaches boiling point.

    Now add 50 gr. all purpose flour and 15 gr. corn flour in milk and cheese batter. mix it well and keep mixing until the mixture is smooth, thicker and well combined.

    Now add 4 egg yolks in batter and mix again until mixture is smooth.

    take a small bowl and add into 5 egg white part and fine sugar . keep whisking until egg soft peaks stages. after this step add this batter (half) in flour batter bowl and stir slowly in a circle motion.

    after mixing transfer it to a bigger bowl and Put the remaining egg batter in too. And again stir slowly in a circle motion. batter is ready

    Now put your batter in cake pan (pan size: 18 cm) if you have you can use butter paper before putting batter. and yes don’t forget to to tap pan before baking . this is very important for setting batter.

    Now time to bake…So here is the baking steps. how to bake cheese cake step by step:

    Oven Setting: Top and bottom heat elements without fan….

    just fill the tray with room temperature water until 1 cm high and Preheated Oven: 120°C

    Baking Temperature: 120°C
    Baking Time: 20 minutes
    After 20 minutes, keep the oven door closed. Increase the temperature to 150°C and continue baking for 15 minutes.

    Baking Temperature: 150°C
    Baking Time: 15 minutes
    After 15 minutes, open the oven door and it open for 10 seconds and then close back up. Now lower the temperature to 100°C

    Baking Temperature: 100°C
    Baking Time: 40 minutes
    After 40 minutes, turn off the oven. Open the oven door and close back up. Let the cake cool down in the oven for 10 minutes.

    Baking time may vary depending on the type and accuracy of your oven.
    If you want to succeed baking this recipe, I suggest you buy yourself a thermometer to place in the oven.

    Now your cake is ready hope you like cheese cake recipe. If u like it don’t forget to share and like. Thank you and have a beautiful day

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