Susan Lucci, a popular soap star, has been married to the same man, Helmut Huber, for more than fifty years. The couple seemed ideally suited to one another despite the age difference.

The ‘All My Children’ star Susan Lucci took a chance on finding true love. She was engaged to another man who was operating the car that caused her accident before she met Helmut Huber.

Lucci, a native of New York, did not call off the encounter despite the danger in the circumstances.

While attending Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, to study acting, she got engaged to her then-fiance.

Her spouse was the driver in an auto accident involving the ex-couple. Their car struck another one.

Although she didn’t feel any pain at the time, she admitted to People in June 1999 that she had been seriously injured.

Staff members spoke of Lucci in the past tense when she first arrived at the emergency room, commenting on how nice she was before to the tragedy.

One saw her engagement ring and asked whether she could still get married despite her wounds.

When Lucci met a plastic surgeon who performed miracles on her face, she remarked,’I definitely got better,’ even though she had previously believed she would never get better.

She was only 18 years old when she met Huber, who would become her future husband and executive chef at the Garden City Hotel in New York.

After spotting Huber, Lucci told Yahoo Lifestyle in January 2019 that she turned to one of her closest friends and asked them who he was.

She answered, ‘He’s your employer, moron,’ the performer of ’Ebbie’ recalled. When he first saw Lucci, Huber,

who is nine years older than her, had a ‘wow’ moment. But she wasn’t attracted to him in a romantic way, which made him say:

Meanwhile, she became engaged to a different man. Could you picture?

But that was short-lived. The Long Island hotel where Huber and Lucci’s parents first met was the site of her engagement reception. He was invited to the historic occasion by her mother.

As she sat next to her then-fiance, Lucci started to think about Huber, who was sitting across from them, and tried to dismiss the thought by saying:

‘There’s a problem with this picture. However, I was unsure about what to do with it.’

She deserves a man, not a boy, Huber, who is older than her, said as he approached her mother. Not only she, but others, were interested in what might be.

Even though she wasn’t sure how things would develop between her and Huber, that was the final push Lucci needed to break off her engagement.

In the beginning of their relationship, Huber made clear his intentions to Lucci, saying he intended to marry her. She, however, requires more time.

Except for her, the actress asserted that Huber and she fell in love at first sight in an interview with Your Tango in August 2020.

That changed when she recognized the qualities he possessed that she liked: he was certain, convincing, and made her laugh.

The couple’s romance appeared to have a slow start, but it rapidly picked up steam. Huber asked Lucci to be his life partner just three months into their relationship,

and she eventually consented. Less than a year later, on September 13, 1969, the pair got married.

Along with managing Lucci full-time, Huber also rose to the position of CEO of Pine Valley Productions and SL Enterprises. The duo made a name for themselves in New York as a married couple.

Since Huber frequently watched «Dancing With the Stars» from the audience when Lucci competed in Season 7 in 2008, he was considered to be his wife’s strongest supporter.

The native Austrian gave his wife a lot of love at home. In April 2020, Lucci shared a picture of herself trimming her hair in the bathroom with her adoring husband smiling behind her as he took the picture.

Lucci once gushed that Huber’s support goes above and beyond what anyone might expect, expressing her gratitude for his contentment and wisdom. She asserts that he is more approachable and always available to her.

I think it’s wonderful that Helmut is so at ease, and I frequently ask him for guidance because he’s so smart.

Over the years, Huber’s love and dedication for Lucci remained steadfast. Being married to an endlessly gorgeous TV star had not been simple for him.

Lucci worked with numerous men on television, especially her on-screen persona Erica Kane, who entered and exited partnerships on ‘All My Children,’ but he never lost his self-assurance.

On ‘The Talk’ in April 2011, Huber was questioned about how they manage their marriage despite her demanding employment.

All of that didn’t matter, he said, since she came home to him every night, and even though they had been married for a long time, it felt like they had been married for only three weeks.

I’m eagerly awaiting her arrival at my house.You mention 41 years, yet to me it seems like just three weeks.

The ’Devious Maids’ star responded when asked what the couple does to show their love for one another that she went into nurse mode by giving

her love massages and that she was happy when Huber chatted to her in his Austrian accent, which she enjoyed.

Lucci responded that she married an intelligent man who is confident and funny when asked the secret to their lengthy union.

‘For me, the dynamic just worked.’ The recipient of a Daytime Emmy Award said,’ I was lucky.

Sadly, on March 28, 2022, in Long Island, New York, at the age of 84, Lucci’s devoted spouse passed away.

Deadline reports that Huber passed away peacefully, and his loss was heartbreaking for everyone who knew him because he was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

Huber, who was born on October 10, 1937, in Innsbruck, Austria, acquired US citizenship in 1994. After his first marriage ended in divorce, he met Lucci in 1969.

Huber and Lucci made a ‘wonderful team’ as husband and wife, a source close to the situation claimed. Huber loved taking his wife to red carpet events and seeing her steal the stage.

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