Pecan Pie Bar

Coconut oil (melted) 100 grams
Panela sugar 50 grams
Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon
Salt 1/4 teaspoon
White spelt flour 150 grams

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Making the Shortbread

Begin by creating the foundation for your Pecan Pie Bars – the shortbread crust. In a bowl, combine the white spelt flour, panela sugar, and a pinch of salt.

Step 2: Adding the Wet Ingredients

Introduce the melted coconut oil and a tantalizing touch of vanilla extract to the dry mixture. Mix these ingredients until they form a cohesive dough.

Step 3: Press and Bake

Press the dough evenly into a baking pan and let it bake at 150ºC (300F) for 12-15 minutes. Allow the crust to cool once it’s done baking.

Step 4: Preparing the Filling

For the luscious filling, mix the sliced apricots with the zesty lemon juice, a dash of smoked salt, panela sugar, and white spelt flour. Pour this tantalizing mixture over the baked crust.

Step 5: Crafting the Streusel Topping

For that ultimate crunch, create the streusel topping. Combine old-fashioned oats, panela sugar, white spelt flour, coconut oil, and crushed toasted pecans in a bowl. This topping will add texture and flavor to your bars.

Step 6: Baking to Perfection

Cover your bars with the delectable streusel topping and bake at 175ºC (350F) for 30-35 minutes. The bars should turn a beautiful golden hue.

Step 7: Cooling and Enjoying

Once baked to perfection, allow your Pecan Pie Bars to cool before cutting them. Serve these delectable treats with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream for an unforgettable dessert experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a different type of flour for the crust? Absolutely! While white spelt flour provides a wonderful texture, you can experiment with other flours like almond or whole wheat for unique variations.

Can I replace apricots with another fruit? Certainly! Pecan Pie Bars are versatile. Try apples, pears, or even berries for a burst of fruity flavor.

Is panela sugar necessary? Panela sugar contributes to the bars’ distinct flavor, but you can substitute with brown or coconut sugar if needed.

Can I freeze Pecan Pie Bars? Yes, you can freeze them for future enjoyment. Just ensure they are properly wrapped to maintain freshness.

How do I store leftover bars? Store in an airtight container at room temperature for a day or two, or in the refrigerator for longer shelf life.

Can I use regular oats for the streusel? While old-fashioned oats work best, you can use quick oats with slight adjustments in texture.

Indulging in the sublime flavors of Pecan Pie Bars is like treating your taste buds to a symphony of sweetness, crunch, and delight. These handheld delights offer the perfect balance of flavors and textures, making them a hit at any gathering or as a personal indulgence. With a buttery shortbread crust, luscious fruit filling, and a satisfying streusel topping, Pecan Pie Bars are a dessert that’s both nostalgic and innovative. So, gather your ingredients, follow the steps, and experience the joy of crafting these delectable bars. Your taste buds will thank you!

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